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Before getting a new piercing, you probably did a little bit of research. You started by searching the latest trends for placements and jewelry. But, the most crucial step is to locate a skilled piercer who can safely provide the service. This service includes selecting the appropriate jewelry, making it as painless as possible, and educating you about appropriate aftercare. 


We're here to make a better you

Are you looking for ways to express yourself with unique facial and body piercings? Do you want custom jewelry with precious metals and gemstones? Call to book your appointment with one of our talented piercers to bring those dreams to life.


At Mohave Creative, we make it our purpose to guide you through each step of the piercing process with the utmost skill and care. We aim to provide excellence in the placement and jewelry of every piercing that we do! 


We offer an extensive selection of the latest and greatest piercing jewelry, ranging from Surgical Stainless Steel, Titanium, Gold, and even real Diamonds. Only the best for our clients. Once you've chosen you're jewelry, you'll be pierced in a spa-like, private setting so you'll have peace of mind (even if it hurts a bit).

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