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Mohave Creative Tattoo is committed to fostering creativity in skin artistry. We celebrate tattoo arts, their cultures, and the transformative, self-expressive power of this artform. 


Mohave Creative Tattoo is a place where artists and collectors come together to create exceptional custom tattoos. 


Mohave Creative Tattoo is located in West Los Angeles, California and opened its newest location in 2020. The business is founded and run by Jonny Ocean, a highly respected artist in the industry. 


Mohave Creative Tattoo Artists offer a variety of popular styles, such as realism, portraiture, fine art, watercolor, neo-traditional, fine line, and black work, among others. We pride ourselves in creating a welcoming environment, where the artists work with you to realize your vision and also offer the most technologically advanced equipment, highly hygienic studio, and the top of the line skincare products, including Saniderm to help you heal your tattoo perfectly.

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